Receive crystal activations & chakra replacements
 Heal And Upgrade Your Entire Chakra System
3 Secrets You Will Discover:
Secret #1: 
Chakras Are Your Power Centers

The chakras are your power centers including the 7 you know about and the 5 others you may not. Did you know there are more chakras above the crown chakra?  Learn about their healing magic!
Secret #2:  
Your Chakras Can Be Upgraded

 By utilizing the transformational power of alchemy we can add more crystals to your chakras and make them more crystalline. It's the very thing you have been waiting for!
Secret #3:  
You Have A Chakra Library for More Information

This archived library of information, wisdom, and knowledge can be utilized to raise your frequency and restore divine health and bliss to your life.
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In This Exclusive "At Your Own Pace" Program, You Will Receive...
  •  Nine Hours of Chakra System Healing, Wisdom & Activation Audios and Videos. Includes information not found elsewhere on the internet. Includes complete healing and activation for each chakra from Master Alchemists  (Value = $2,700)
  •   Dynamic healing frequencies and activations for each chakra that are divinely customized to shift with you each time you listen. Your transformation happens in real time, every time.
  •  Each Healing, Wisdom & Activation Audio & Video includes complete transcripts of every video PLUS worksheets to help keep you motivated and on track! (Value = $900)
  •  BONUS GIFT!  Exclusive "Understanding the Power of Your Chakra System" webinar and audio.  Includes new information from an Ascended Master and a powerful third & sixth chakra healing never done before!! (Value = $300)
  •  ADDITIONAL BONUS GIFTS!  Chakra Guidebook and Chakra Chart with detailed information on the physiological, spiritual and healing associated with each of the 12 chakras!  
$3900 In Value for Only $299
Yes, We are practically GIVING THIS AWAY !!
Who is the 8th Chakra Company?
After spending over 20 years in the corporate world, Lily transitioned into a certified Akashic Records Reader, a Transformational Breath® Facilitator and Group Leader, a practitioner of ThetaHealing® and a Mastery Level II Alchemist. She uses thee modalities to follow her passion to align every human being with the remembrance of who we are and why we have chosen this current lifetime, and this planet. 

Bonnie is a Master Level II Alchemist and energy healer, an award-winning author, and international speaker and teacher.  She is passionate about connecting people to their own information as she is a self-proclaimed information junkie.  She loves learning new ways to incorporate what’s happening on the planet into her conversations.

They co-founded the 8th Chakra Company in 2016 to combine their talents and passion to help others master what it means to be human.
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