Tuesday Night Call
Bodies & Channels: A Divine Perspective
7:30pm EST on Zoom
January 29th through March 12th
Watch This
Which ones will you listen to?
January 29 - Your Four Etheric Bodies
February 5 - The Mercaba
February 12 - Your Earth & Cosmic Channels
February 19 - Seeing Clearly - Clairvoyant Channels
February 26 - Hearing Clearly - Clairaudient Channels
March 5 - Knowing Clearly - Claircognizant Channels
March 12 - Feeling Clearly - Clairsentient Channels

Uncovering More Information About YOU!
+ Plus, You'll Have FREE Access to More  Amazing Opportunities & Healing!
3 Gifts You Will Enjoy:
Gift #1:  Bring your spiritual questions and concerns to a high frequency healing conversation.

It's invaluable to have a place to ask questions about spiritual topics and know you are receiving clear, healing answers.
Gift #2:  Receive energetic healings throughout the evening in a way you can actually know and feel.

 Low frequencies are always a barrier to our connection with our soul and our information.  Moving them out is always a benefit.
Gift #3:  Listen to wisdom from the Angelic and Akashic Realm you can apply directly to your life.

When we can have more perspective and insight into our life, we bring more calm, grace and trust in as well.
Who is the 8th Chakra Company?
After spending over 20 years in the corporate world, Lily transitioned into a certified Akashic Records Reader, a Transformational Breath® Facilitator and Group Leader, a longtime practitioner of ThetaHealing® and a Mastery Level II Alchemist. She uses these modalities to follow her passion to align every human being with the remembrance of who we are and why we have chosen this current lifetime, and this planet. Bonnie is an energy healer, an award-winning author, international speaker and teacher, and enjoys being a master student, always learning new ways to incorporate what’s happening on the planet into conversations.

They co-founded the 8th Chakra Company in 2016 to combine their talents and passion to help others master what it means to be human.
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